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Hints and Tips!

Hints and Tips!

Random Dungeon
What are Jewels of Yendor for?
Jewels of Yendor are needed to use shrines! You need at least 1 jewel !
What are steel bars for?
Steel bars are to use on trap doors!
You must do Random Dungeon in order, from 10-99! To move on each lvl, you need to touch continuity shrine!
How to mine!
There is parts in the mine! Each parts is guarded by a golem.
What i'm doing in the mine?
The mine contian 2 materials (silver and gold unit) that help you enhance your item's. To find silver and gold unit you have to dig. Also there is 2 steel doors in each part of the mine,  1 door is a shop door(rare item's may appear in it) and the other 1 is chest door (contain a lot of gold units).  

I'm Yendor the Priest of Wisdom!

Be Steady and win the war!

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