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Clan Contest

Clan Contest and Prizes is listed below!

Topic: writing a story about the return of Islena
Base on the title "The Return" in the Clan
Story page!
*Note: If any members don't know who Islena is contact me( or ask players in the game!
When done writing, edit and send it to any of the leaders! 
Price for:
Rank 3 members: 2000g
Rank 2 members: Get on promotion
Rank 1 members: Get on promotion
Rank 0 members: Get on promotion
The deadline to turn in the Story it on October 17!
Good luck all!

A song to raise our moral!

1. What Clan Contest for?
       * Encourage members to write more and think mores!
       * Give clan more ideas to make Imperial Guards a happy place!
       * Give a chance for everyone to win something( cash, item's etc.)!
2. How do i join the Clan Contest?
     * Follow the intrustion listed in this pages!
3. How do you decide the winner of the contest?
     * The winner will be decide by the leaders of the clan.

Enjoy life while you can!